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In keeping with my current obsession with all things amoeba-like, I was introduced to Tara Donovan and went to see her show at the ICA the day before it closed. I’m in love with almost all of her pieces. She takes everyday object including common pins, toothpicks, plastic straws, styrofoam cups, scotch tape, mylar film, paper plates…you get the point…and makes the most amazing pieces of all sizes and shapes. They’re amazing, once again, I’m inspired.


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  • sharon

    i was immediately taken with how she used the cups to make a masse of unudlating shapes and lengths. the shading was also an interesting sideline of the massing of the items. how many cups did she use, how long did it take.

    on the bales of pins and toothpicks i was over whelmed by how she set up the objects. i saw the exhibition twice and on the second day i received a different opinion from one of the gallery assistants. he told me a secret. he said she dumped an entire bunch of toothpicks and pins into a box and let them settle for 24 hours. then she peeled back the sides of the boxes and voila she had the shapes of the pins and toothpicks. magic. i am impress by how she thought it out and i think its fabulous. good for her. i woudn not have thought of it but now i want to try it.
    her work to me is like prayer. i hope her prayers are answered.


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