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Last night Charlotte sent me a great find – Michelle Lougee – a sculptor showing at the Boston Sculptors Gallery through June 28. For the obvious natural elements I think Char thought her work would be up my alley but in reading more about her I realize that a lot of her work is focused on the conflict between nature and technology – interests that I feel I sort of sit at a junction of.

Michelle Lougee - Blow Sculpture

One of her most interesting series’ is the one on pods – the one above is called Blow – all use various materials and are quite large.

Michelle Lougee - Game

The one above is called Game – made out of Terra Cotta, fur, bullets and more. Many of Michelle’s pieces are mosaic like in their layering qualities.

Lougee Hive Big

Hive, above, is made of wax, seeds, wood and wire.

Michelle Lougee - Hive

This is a close up of Hive. I think the reason that Charlotte thought I’d be most into her pieces is because of her barnacles installation, which juxtaposes natural barnacles with man-made materials like photographs, wires, etc – seen below.


However, her latest works I believe, is her Pomus Ingenium series of Engineered Fruits, which show up having teeth, mouths, eyes and other biological elements just because people were messing with them.

Lougee Teeth

See those – those are teeth.


The below is is something my mother would make…just because…is a milk jug – covered in bark.

Michelle Lougee - Bark Jug

Michelle let me know in my comments that her site had images of new plastic bags work and so I had to update it!

Those are crocheted plastic bags! Totally beautiful!

It’s enormous and reminds me of Margaret Wertheim’s crochet coral reef project.

I love all of her new work – can’t wait to see more!

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