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Another great find from my brother’s honeymoon is Nuala O’Donovan — her works were also in the Organic Geometry exhibit. She too works in porcelain but in a very different way — she creates organic, intricate sculptures in the material.

Craft Search - Crafts Council of Ireland_1252207902767

These appear to be totally handbuilt and as porcelain dries so quickly I can only imagine that she might do these in pieces.

Craft Search - Crafts Council of Ireland_1252207920742

Obviously this appeals to me in every way  — looks like part of the coral reef and is made of porcelain amoebas!

Craft Search - Crafts Council of Ireland_1252208178906

I have no idea how big the above is but I love that it’s porcelain lattice work – how delicate and beautiful.

Craft Search - Crafts Council of Ireland_1252209497162

I really have no words for how awesome I think the above and below sculptures are — with some mood lighting I can only imagine they’d get better too. They make me want to go scuba diving!

Craft Search - Crafts Council of Ireland_1252209520946

  • Nuala O'Donovan

    Thank you for your very flattering and positive comments on my work. If you are interested in seeing my work I will have some pieces in a group show at the Irish American Historical Society in New York, from the 8th of October to the 18th of November. The exhibition is called ‘Materiallpoetry,’ it includes work from artists, craftspeople, designers, architects and contemporary poets.
    I hope that if you’re in or around New York that you’ll get a chance to see it.
    best wishes,
    Nuala O’Donovan


  • Barbara Davis

    Hello Nuala: Are you the artist featured in this month’s issue of Interior Design? I am very interested in your work. Can you forward pricing for the pieces featured in the magazine, as well as a price for the piece that looks like a piece of coral.
    Your work is gorgeous.
    Barbara Davis


  • Nuala O'Donovan

    Dear Barbara,
    I’m not sure if the work that you’re referring to is mine, was the article about an exhibition call ‘MATERIALpoetry’ at the American Irish Historical Society in New York City? i tried looking at the magazine on the web but didn’t see any images of my work on ‘Interior Design’ website. A New York gallery is dealing with all the sales from that exhibition and I can send you on the contact details if you’d like to speak to them. I have a website with images of some pieces and contact details. It’s http://www.Nuala O
    Apologies for the late reply and thank you for your interest in (what was hopefuly) my work,
    Nuala O’Donovan


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