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I think perhaps it’s my new home in Boston and the fact that it’s much colder up here than New York was but I can’t get blankets off my mind. Just last night I had to pack a few away into the trunk in my bedroom because there were simply too many blankets on my bed that when they fell off the end in the night they made such a loud noise that I would wake up! As such I’ve been perusing and coveting new throws, naturally, something you can argue you always need more of. I came across another Maine brand that I just think look awesome, Brahms Mount!

I’m a lover of all things cozy and it seems to me that some of the prettiest blankets these days are coming out of Maine — Swans Island Blankets was one of my first posts here on Pokate and I think (since I’ve just crossed the year blogging point) I must have been in a similarly snuggly mood last year around this time.

I just can’t get enough — now I just need to save up as they’re quite pricey as throws go but worth every penny I imagine!

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