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This was another find from my brother’s good friend Neil. And he is scary spot on to my interests at this point. I was in awe of every piece of Kate MccGwire’s work but I had to just keep a few pictures and examples. Her use of feathers is out of control — undulating as a word doesn’t even begin to describe them.

Those are 23,000 chicken wishbones. It’s a huge magnitude of bones and death to try to think about but all I can really think about is how wishbones look like weaving in this case, how those Vs reflect knitting in some weird way.

The whole wall of bones.

This work is a different piece but doesn’t it also look woven? I think it’s just beautiful but at the same time this is crazy chicken genocide here.

And here is a real work of “weaving” of hers. A huge floor panel of reflective tape on a perspex panel — I love this — I want it to be the floor of my yurt!

And this where the fun really begins — look at her work with feathers! This piece, Heave, is made of pigeon feathers, felt and wood — it’s incredible.

Host, as this one’s called, reminds me of a few other works I’ve looked at over the years, the name implies that it’s where some sort of growth is occurring though, which I love. Look at those layers of feathers — totally amazing.

Again, feathers, both dove and white pigeon are in this piece, Stifle, the names of Kate’s works make me so happy — they are so reflective of what’s going on in the work while still being a little ironic.

Wrest — amazing. Every single piece of Kate’s works is inspiring in its scale, beauty, precision, and materials — look at them all!

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