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Larry Kling is my great uncle, so perhaps this post is biased. He was a jeweler who worked through the 60s making beautiful pieces for all sorts of customers from his family to, as the rumor goes, Marilyn Monroe! Larry is sort of a mythical person in my family and his jewelry is no different. As I’ve grown up I’ve received pieces from my parents and grandmother. This week we discovered that his wife has put up some of his pieces for sale online – I couldn’t resist not posting on my favorites.

I love a full bezel and this hand wrought 14K gold one is gorgeous, not to mention the large lapis disc that it’s encircling. I like that it looks like a signet ring.

Larry was known for making sculptural and sometimes architectural pieces. This one is amazing with its freshwater pearls and its diamonds. It reminds me of The Little Mermaid somehow. It’s by far my favorite item on the site, but, naturally, I have expensive tastes.

I love the soft edges on this band. I have one of his like this that’s solid with a few geometric cut out but I like this one better with its more natural forms.

One of Larry’s signature pieces were these gold bracelets that move so nicely on your skin. The one above is three of those fused together and it’s one I’ve never seen before. I’d take that but the pricetag is too high!

Another more affordable favorite is the above. I’m not sure what synthetic spinel is but that’s what the above is in the cocktail ring form. I like that its bezel also looks like sea kelp in a way.

Another one of his fabulous bangles is above – so gorgeous! Anyway, I’m starting saving now so that I can buy pieces that I can wear and give to my children and their children as well. This seems to be all that is left from his work!

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  • Susan Brunell

    Larry made my wedding ring. We were good friends when he had his jewelry store in Westwood and house in the Palisades.

    Larry was a sweetheart, I was very fond of him – when I would tell him that he would say “Don’t tell me unless you mean it”. He was a character, and adorable. Thanks for putting these pieces on line it is a treat to see them again.

    Susan Brunell


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