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Sunday marked our one month anniversary in our new apartment! While exciting as that is, and while the progress we’ve made has been awesome, there are still some serious things missing. Don’t even get me started on our dining room chair / backorder debacle – we’ll be seeing those in May now thanks to Restoration Hardware. The other thing that continues to be up for discussion is curtains. I decided that I’ll make them (as I did four awesome throw pillows this weekend), now we just have to pick a fabric and get them going. I see another trip to Zimman’s in our very near future. Even before we get the curtains done though we’ve started a conversation on tie backs – as if curtains weren’t enough! Who knew there were so many different ways to hold them back.

Everyone knows I have a nautical angle on life, hence the rope and shell tie backs above. The rope tie back come from a British company called Stair Ropes, which is really cool – I know I’ve seen rope banisters before and I really like them. The shells are a DIY project in the making, get some drilled shells and have at it says Completely Coastal. The other two are much more traditional tie backs, a tassel and embrasses. Number 1 comes from Designers Guild, the Briati tie back, which is beautiful. Where else in your house is it okay to have pom poms? I can see the tie back item becoming a hot topic for a time for us. The simplest are the embrasses with little adornment but that get the job done. We’ll see what we end up with as time goes on, first stop is fabric though.

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