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I’m back on the jewelry bandwagon and recently learned about the young and awesome, Daisy Knights, a British jewelry designer who has had a quick rise to fame it seems like. Her work is sold all over, including on Net-a-Porter, which is really awesome as it’s so popular for shoppers!

People probably know by now that I love animals and their parts too, in jewelry form. Gogo Ferguson was when I first really got into this stuff and Daisy’s antlers are equally beautiful.

Shells and the sea are just as critical to my happiness. I love jewelry that incorporates shells – I wear a sterling sanddollar on my left hand every day and have for years. Daisy has a collection of shell pieces and these studs are great. They remind me of the mussel necklace that I loved from Twigs & Heather.

Anemone? Not sure, but I’m going to think of it this way in my mind. I like that Daisy makes sets and sticks to an uncluttered line of just a handful of subjects for them. I like this anemone-like one in both stud and ring form, below.

I adore a thin banded ring. It makes the subject or the ring or stone look so much larger and it makes your hands look so much dantier. Daisy’s pieces seem delicate but durable.


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