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Normally I hope to find artists under little hidden rocks or from link digging so deep I don’t know how I got there but today I came upon Allison Patrick in one of my usual and very public haunts, Etsy! I love looking at things for our apartment on Etsy and a lot of our artwork and furniture has come from the sellers and artists on the site. Allison started a design firm after graduating from architecture school. She also makes fabulous lamps!

Allison lives and works in NYC and her studio space looks really neat. She spun off her lamp business into Zipper8Lighting as the collection expanded.

I like how repetitive her pieces are, and meticulous!

Allison was a Featured Seller today on the homepage, which is a great thing for her business. I just think her pieces are so spectacular. This one is of fortune tellers like you play with as a child. She uses existing lamp frames so the pieces end up being about 12 inches across.

Can’t wait to see what she makes next!

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