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I’ve been so deep into StumbleUpon and Pinterest lately I’ve not been spending too much time on Etsy – but today on a pinboard I saw the stamps of Mollie Flatley and went straight to my favorite source for more info.

Mollie’s stamps are adorable and in my love for all things repetitive and mind-clearing, stamps seem to be something I’ve overlooked. Many of the artists I look at painstakingly recreate the same shape or image over and over and hinge them together – stamps would make all that a lot easier – though of course process trumps efficiency often!

Mollie’s Etsy store is called NoraJane and it says that she lives in North Carolina with four children!

I love the little animals and animal tracks her stamps leave behind. I can’t tell but I think Mollie must be carving all of these images herself.

She seems to have an affinity for antiques – as with the bicycles and keys above as well as animals, which is fine by me.

Another big win for Mollie is her awesome presentation. Her pics are simple but easy to see the results of, you know the size you’ll get and everything.

I love dots…and snowflakes so this makes perfect sense.

Open stars…beautiful – at $3.50 they’re one of the most affordable things I’ve ever posted about and I love them!

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