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Some might argue that our home is done and decorated but others would say that will never be true! A home evolves over time as you collect great things and receive wonder gifts (our anniversary was a case in point, I now own this). DwellStudio just started offering home accessory items according to some Twitter friends and so I went to check them out – they didn’t disappoint!

I love the shape of these little urchin items. Too weird for Christmas decorations, I’d leave them out yearround.

Or use one all on its own.

This diamond cut vase reminds me of Epcot as well as many of the paper cutters I’ve been looking at lately. I wonder if this is made in a mold or handcarved. Either way it’s affordable ($48) and super cute.

Love this – they’re supposed to be pebbles but they look like ibuprofen to me – should I be worried :)

This was the piece that first caught my eye. Their orb object is made of iron and brass – I wonder how heavy it is. It reminds me of the work of Jordan Taler.

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