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Next week I’m having people over for a non-profit meeting on Monday night and, as I walked out of my door this morning I thought, I hope no one cares about all of the animal-related items around the house. We have a cowhide rug and a paper maiche rhino head, ram’s horn lamps and impala hides from my parents’ last trip to South Africa. There are mounted deer horns in the back and a miniature antique sheep in the living room…it’s a lot, but I love it.

This thought reminded me of the work of Rachel Denny, who I blogged about here a while ago. The other night, while in the bowels of the Internet, I came across another knit-adermy artist, Elaine Bradford, who created the pieces here.

Elaine is based in Houston, TX. She has her BFA from UT-Austin and her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. The animals that she creates in her works are weird and wonderful – often mutated versions of the real thing. I like the rams above – normally known for “butting heads” they are not butting butts in this one!

I love the colors she uses. I do wonder though if the yarn patterns and stripes are pre-planned or if they’re based on how much yarn she has of any given color. I often start a project only to run out of the particular type…

I just think these are so cute. I think they’re real animals under there but I’m not sure. I think Rachel Denny uses¬†armatures. We are going to Scotland in a few weeks and this makes me think of all the cozy knitwear we’re going to find up there!

It’s like an animal henley!

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