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I’ve been on a mini vacation since I last wrote – some girlfriends and I went down to Turks & Caicos for some much needed sun and mid-afternoon cocktails. It was awesome! We went walking on the beach, enjoyed the crystal clear waters, and even went banana boat tubing! Now, back in cold Boston, I’ve been looking at artists who continue that clean and simple aesthetic of island living – on Pinterest I found Eva Hild via a pinner called See Cunda.

Eva’s sculptures evoke coral reefs to me. The scale she works at is unexpected (they’re larger than you think) and reflective of just how expansive the reefs can be under the sea. Her chosen medium, stoneware.

She lives and works in southwest Sweden, which somehow seems fitting to me. I recently worked on a deal with a Swedish company and when we were briefing journalists in Scandinavia they all noted how dark it was up here – I too would want to build huge, airy, light and bright works in juxtaposition.

For scale – see how large they are in comparison to the human on the left. They’re surprisingly large – this one reminded me of a decorative sting ray!

Over time (her site is organized by years) it seems to me that Eva has gotten more exacting on the exterior surface of her pieces. The one above looks totally smooth. I also love how she displays her pieces – the colored backgrounds make it easier to see the undulating surfaces.

Eva got her undergraduate degree from the Art School of Gerlesborg and her MFA in Design and Craft from the Univ. of Bothenburg.

This one looks almost skeletal, or like an insect. I love them all – it’s definitely worth checking out more of her process on her site.

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