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It’s been a while since I’ve written about a product here and when I came across Sophie Aschauer and SerpentSea I thought – this is perfect! Sophie creates mats and key fobs out of recycled nautical twine, which comes in a variety of colors.

When I first started the Yurt Project three years ago I used this very same kind of rope to create prototypes because it was stiff, but not too stiff, flexible, but not too flexible, fun colored and approachable. I’m sure these mats are incredible durable – Sophie encourages them to be used indoor or out – for “nautical flair.”

These mats have a great price point, around $250 and definitely would add some colorful flair to a house. Makes me which I had a place on the water – a dream that was smushed a bit this week by Hurricane Sandy.

I love this one – very patriotic. If we had any floor space to adorn I have a feeling I know one guy who would quickly snap it up.

I’m really into Fall colors these days – I bought a pair of jeans that red color today in honor of the season.

I love that she’s able to weave the pieces so that they’re regular, rhythmic and evolving in the color saturation. I also like that these are all from recycled rope – eco-friendly!

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