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I love items, art, products and more that are inspired by nature and Emily Miranda’s jewelry takes that love to a new height with literally putting nature on your wrist, finger, neck, etc.

That’s a bangle friends. Isn’t it glorious!? Shells, coral, leather, pearls, etc. What’s not to love?

Emily’s work is all made in the US, which is a nice touch especially on this, election day. She is based in Brooklyn.

A ring of oyster shells. I know I’ve looked at naturally-inspired jewelry here before but I really think that the scale and realism of these pieces set them apart.

Winter white? Emily, in her artist statement explains that she wanted to make art that people could touch and that could be passed down – I love the idea of wearable art! She brings to her work degrees from RISD and Hunter College.

Growing up in Boston we had a bathroom in our house made of a light colored marble. Around the edge of the tub were pieces of coral and sponges that we’d collected over the years during family trips to the Caribbean. For some reason the above cuff reminds me of that tub and its decor!

The above is my absolute favorite piece – a cuff made of barnacles and shells, spikey and awesome with a hunt of jewels on the rim. I love the color, that each barnacle looks like a little vessel – I love everything.

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