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I really can’t find out too much about Katrien Vogel but that doesn’t stop me from loving her works. She is based in the Netherlands and was a part of the 2012 Paper Biennial Rijswijk at the Museum Rijswijk as well.

Amoebas! I went into Google Translate to try to figure out her materials and it looks like pencil and thread…and foam? I’m not sure I trust the translator though, to be fair, we’ve made some weird things out of self-hardening foam in our day.

These look almost skeletal – like som odd invertebrate.

I love these with color selectively distributed throughout the inside! It reminds me of a cast you’d have put on your arm in elementary school that all your friends wrote on. But for what creature?

They look like cement, or polished concrete too – I just love the shapes.

The pods even look great oblong as opposed to rounded. I wonder if she uses an armature or not. Katrien, if you’re out there let us know!

Again I feel like this is some odd bone we never knew we had! It’s close enough up though that I think I can see the thread in it though to be fair my pupils are still fully dilated from the eye doctor today!

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  • katrien vogel

    Finally I am here, I was surprised by reading your discussion, nice to read it!
    some works are made from paper like the first picture,started first with foam
    but removed the foam later, and of course pencil.
    and others, like the hanging one is made out of polyester ( started foam) and pencil.


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