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I’ve been writing this blog for a long time – the very first post was January 14, 2009 in fact so it’s been just under four years. The whole time I’ve been hoping that amazing, young artists would come and tell me about their incredible work and several have over the years. A few weeks ago though Sophia Sobers emailed me and was willing to answer questions and tell me more about herself, it was great to see! She has a fabulous website and information on herself online too. I know so many people want to strictly focus on their art but putting your best foot forward is also so valuable and appreciated!

This photo is from “Abandoned Nature” – they’re whole installation works so it’s hard to get a complete sense of it in one photo but it’s as though these little amoebic cylinders were growing on a window sill after being left behind. I had thought at first they were glass but it appears they’re slip cast porcelain.

These, from the same piece, are polymer clay, which I imagine is much easier to work with. Part of what’s interesting about Sophia is that she does installations, sculptures, 2D work and digital as well. At first I thought, “that’s a lot to bite off” but then I realized how young she is and still in school at RISD. When I was in college art programs I was definitely encouraged to try new mediums until I found one that stuck. Sophia’s getting her MFA in Digital and Media this year.

This piece sort of reminded me of the installation works of Susie MacMurray who I always loved for her wrapped usage of saran wrap.

The above is one of Sophia’s 2D works. I was surprised to see that her focus at RISD is digital as I really like her sculptural works but I do like how these pieces nearly look knit in a way. Though they’re 2D they seem to have a lot of depth and so it seems she’s cross-populating her forms into one another.

This was the piece that made me realize why she may have emailed me (well this and the little repetitive cylinders). I do love art that deals will cells, science and the repeating forms it allows for. This is from her “Organic Cities” series and they’re all worth a look  – I also like the vibrant use of wood (I think).

Another digital piece – it looks like origami urchins or something. Again, the color is great and gets into the repeating shapes of nature – these could be snowflakes.

I’ll close out sharing her piece, Dreams. I love these little vessels. I like anyone who commits to creating so many of one thing too as you know. It all comes full circle for me as I realize Sophia’s email signature says Art, Tech and Nature – you can so clearly see those interests in her work and I can’t wait to see what natural, repeating forms and materials she gets into next.

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