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I love oil paintings and I love color, color blocking and more so when I came across the work of Teil Duncan I was thrilled. She’s young, lives in Charleston, South Carolina and paints fabulous nudes as well as beautiful animals with a really distinct touch. She’s a young Auburn graduate as well!

I remember taking painting classes in college and learning about how to start with color blocking like this – I really appreciate the hot and cold areas and how they create shape and shadows.

This cow makes me think of Dali – it’s like a cow of your weirdest dreams! I really like that her background appears to be red, which was another approach we learned at college. The base upon which you start can make such a difference – just not starting white!

I love how linear her streaks are and how unexpected the color combos are. This reminds me of the cow painting in our guest room by Roz but much more dreamy and abstract.

I can’t get over these. I think they’re great. I love that peachy-salmon tone and it makes me think I could paint…but I learned that lesson long ago!

Some of these appear to vary in scale from pretty small to fairly large but her pricing seems really reasonable for having such a personal, developed aesthetic. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

I also adore the lack of attention to the background (conscious or unconscious). I like that, like photo, you focus on just one part mostly.

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