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When reading Myungjin Kim’s artist statement I knew right away that we would be fast friends – her aesthetic in a few words, “hand painted porcelain vessels.” Amazing. She usies instinct to form her vessels and creates, as she says, “inside/outside surrealistic dramas.”


The above is a close up of the piece entitled, “Translucid Remains” – if you can believe it’s made of steel and ceramic.


Technically I do think it’s a vessel but it also looks like a lot of the torn jeans I saw on the streets of New York City this week.


I so love the texture created by the metal and ceramic meeting – do you think that the ceramic is fired on the metal? Is that possible?


“Winter Absence 2” – is one of my favorite pieces I’ve come upon in a long time. Also made of steel and ceramic. It reminds me of much other work I’ve profiled here including that of Michelle Lougee.

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