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Porcelain is amazing. Hard in touch, soft in look all at the same time. ReCheng Tsang would agree. Her installations and small sculptures are almost exclusively made of porcelain.


Each are site specific it seems. I love that she takes a geometric shape – cubes, circles, discs, etc. and transforms them into something larger as a collective whole a la the field of cubes or pillows below. Am I the only one who thinks they look like Totino’s Pizza Rolls? I must be hungry.


Below is a large installation of discs on a wall – all monotone. It appears sometimes ReCheng will turn one piece of her collective installations into a different, non-organic color for porcelain. Often that’s my favorite, gold, but other times it’s red as below.


Interestingly ReCheng received a fellowship to the MacDowell Colony near our house in NH but she is based in Berkeley, CA. She attended UC-Berkeley and got her MA from the University of Washington – Seattle.


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