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Meredith Woolnough’s entire collection of work is worth looking through if you love textiles and embroidery but her mandala series is my favorite.


The above she calls, Ginko Leaves Mandala and it’s made of embroidery, pins and glass rods on paper – I don’t think I quite understand where the glass rods fit in but it’s really beautiful. Close up below.


Meredith attended the University of New South Wales where she got her BFA and then got a masters in teaching at the University of Sydney.


These are a collection of star coral embroideries. Detail below. I love the single color, white lace-like look of this piece in particular.


Some of my favorite works of Meredith’s are the coral creations below. I honestly don’t fully understand her process but I love it. If it’s the most densely embroidered patterns then hats off to her – that must take a very long time!


Part of me thinks these are woven and then maybe starched to hold their shape? Some are set in resin as I’ve seen on her blog, which are really cool.


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