Thérèse Lebrun

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A favorite medium of mine is ceramic – porcelain can be translucent, stoneware can be chalky and strong, and some can be nearly paperlike and sculptural. The work of Thérèse Lebrun is just that kind of creator though I can’t find too much about her – in English.


I just love the rough edges she’s able to create with the pottery. My big question is – how does she get the bottoms to fire without bending in – she must fire it on its open face and then flip it on its side.


I love how spine-y and delicate the above is – reminds me of a pufferfish, but less dense. I realize it’s February already but it feels like we just got back from our honeymoon in Japan where we actually ate puffer fish that they had turned into the equivalent of fish jerky. It was delicious.


The above reminds me of several paper art sculptures that I’ve blogged about here. I can’t figure out how the pieces stick in and out of the bowl-like shape. It’s almost like it’s an armature for her rolled forms.


Same question, even more incredible shape. I realize it’s not a mobius strip but it somehow reminds me of one.


 The above is so incredible, like a slice of a lotus root under a microscope.

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