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Keeping it close to home today, I came across an artist on Pinterest who I had to look up. I didn’t realize that Christine Kyle was so near to Boston when I liked her images – I just knew that the combination of egg shells and encaustic were surprising and awesome. Turns out she lives across the Charles River from me, in Cambridge.


Believe it or not but the above piece is egg shells in an encaustic piece of art. I’m not quite sure what the black dots are but the shells and the luminosity of the wax are incredible.


I love the way that Christine talks about her career – she got her MFA at 54 and she jokes that only then did she call herself an artist. I was watching an old video of myself at 2.5 years old the other day and my dad asked me what I wanted to be, I said artist and – while I make a bunch of stuff these days – I wouldn’t count myself as an artist these days!


I absolutely love how the egg shells look like they’re popping out a skin of sorts. Only someone who knows encaustic is wax though knows that in fact the pieces are relatively solid. We have one encaustic abstract piece in the house from Telluride that we love – it looks like turquoise bumble bees.

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