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I’m pretty sure Niharika Hukku is another Pinterest find – there are so many incredible boards over there that I discover everyday. I was drawn to her work because of the woven qualities, the fact that they’re in one of my favorite materials, and because they’re monochromatic.


As she says of her own pieces in this collection, “the architecture of the object and the juxtaposition of what looks fragile but is rather able is the relevant thread in this hand built work.” They do indeed look fragile – that’s a cool thing about weaving in general is that it is ridiculously strong in many cases. In this case it’s also hard and solid.


Niharika was born and raised in India but now works in Sydney, Australia. In her artist statement she talks a bit about the ceramics tradition in India, and how it was commonly used for both function and as art.


Does this make anyone else think, “bowl OF spaghetti” or if that just me. I wonder how she gets her coils so thin and yet so regular. She says it best, “To work with clay is my oasis. My inspirations are seeded in nature, idea and object, in capturing beauty, color and purpose with and onto clay.”

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