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I find myself looking at a lot of ceramic works these days and a ton of vessels, which is why I think I was initially drawn to Zemer Peled’s pieces, which are made of ceramic shards, reimagined into new works.


When I first saw the above and below I thought, what a unique approach to creating a vessel! Or is it a sculpture? They almost looked like little cartoon critters of some sort. The ceramic shards creating a sense of fur.


The one above in particular looks like a hedgehog to me. Of her forms her website says, “Her mutating, figure-like creatures are hybrid visions of land, physical matter and her intuitive process-led approach to making.”


I really enjoy the colored shards, again, they remind me almost of shag carpeting.


These larger pieces are completing insane to me. She says, “She creates forms that are nostalgic for and reminiscent of shattered, dense landscapes both real and imagined.” This work is 78cm tall!


They’re just incredible. I can’t quite tell if she forms the pieces around some sort of armature or not. I imagine they’re quite heavy!


As with many artists I look at here, Zemer is interested in sharing her particular view of nature. I would believe her view to be unique from my own as she was born and raised in a Kibbutz in the northern part of Israel according to her CV. The above piece is from her Black and White collection – I assume she glazes them first and then smashes them.

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