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I came across Marijke Van Epen on Pinterest because of her incredible relief weavings that have incredible depth and pattern. Marijke works in the tablet weaving tradition and works in ancient weaving techniques, per her site.


In her artist statement she says – about ancient weaving technics – that, “It is worth while that this knowledge can be preserved and kept alive
to make it available to new generations.” It reminds me of the vision of Nest when I first met the organization.


I love the  geometry in these pieces and the regularity. My understanding is that they’re all woven as bands that are then connected vertically.


They’re so so beautiful and the relief is so unique. I wonder if it’s created with varied tension.


Marijke also hosts classes in her home in the Netherlands and works in various other, more 3D formats as well. I found a post of someone who learned from her over at Backstrap Weaving. They took photos in side her home of other, colorful, multidimensional pieces.


Above is a piece that was described as, “an entire wall comprised of tablet-woven linen spiral bands with twisted paper weft.” They almost look like DNA might.


Up close you can see the twisted paper that looks hand colored and so delicate.

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