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When I first saw Jeanne Opgenhaffen’s work I immediately though she had to be about my age. I have no idea why I thought this – maybe I just connected with the pieces or the colors, or the tonality but I was very surprised to learn that Jeanne was actually born in 1938, making her 75, not 30!


These are porcelain pieces assembled, delicately into the format of a square. Based on the works on her site it seems like she also does full blown wall installations that are larger, but these ones in a parameter won me over.


Above, in tonal green and below, a close up of the same piece. I love that the pieces are either white and monochromatic or tonal with a beautiful rich palette like these greens or purples above.


She seems to be all about rhythm and movement in the pieces but assembles them in no particular order until the movement sort of takes shape itself. The porcelain looks paper thin, which gives the more 3D pieces great light, translucence, etc.


I’ve looked at other artists who have done similar kinds of 3D ceramic works in squares before, but none have been as delicate as these. Born in Belgium, Jeanne’s works appear to be in countless collections.


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