Pokate [rhymes with “locate”] was born out of the need for a home for all of the objects and artists I discover online and enjoy most. It’s also a way for me to share and organize the designers, products and artists that I learn about from others, especially my friends and family.

I’m Kate Gundry, I’m based in Boston’s Back Bay and work in media relations for technology clients.


That’s me! While today I work in media relations, I went to college for Art and Art History and have spent many a month felting, soldering, fresco painting, and glassblowing. After college I lived in NYC for nearly four years working with amazingly innovative startups and was inspired to explore my own creativity and that of others – so Pokate was born.

I try to post several times a week, with a full time (+) job that can be hard but I hope that when you stop by you sign up for updates and enjoy the amazing artwork being created all over the world from Ireland to Turkey, Omaha to right here in Boston. I’m blown away by all of these artists new and old, just starting out and those that have passed. It’s incredible to think about the hours spent making these pieces – I’m certainly most intrigued by works that require massive time commitments and repetitive, meditative practice.

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Read more about my own art / design project at the Yurt Alert

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