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While conveniently hiding from the rain at Selfridges in London I came upon their little shop within a shop of wonderful Dutch design items mostly to wear or for the home. I saw a really beautiful lantern and picked it up – that’s where I learned about Pols Potten.  The lantern was the one below – I believe it’s made of bamboo and it would be a perfect component of a centerpiece for our new dining room table.

I jotted down the name so I could buy this lantern after the fact as I definitely didn’t have room for it in my suitcase and it turns out the Amsterdam-based company makes all kinds of really cool items including the one below, which looks like coral!

I’m pretty sure the above piece is a vase, whereby a ton of different buds can be in each stem of the coral piece. Very cool! In trolling through their catalog I also came upon what look like woven ceramic baskets that I thought were very interesting, below, they remind my of the knit porcelain of Alyssa Ettinger. I like regular materials in unexpected techniques – in particular woven ceramics these days.

Another point to be mentioned about this group is that their catalog is beautifully photographed. It’s a little tricky to figure out details on the items but they all look so great in the settings that they put them in. The picture below shows the same bamboo lantern in situ.

So groovy. Even cooler than all the above though is the weird, amorphous woven ball / foot stool item below. Is that felted? Is it wool? Is it linen? I can’t tell but I know that I like it. It would go great in the yurt!

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