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In just a few short days my mother will be receiving the very first Parks Partners award from the Mayor of Boston. In the spirit of that I thought I’d do a horticulturally inspired post and Susan Benarcik’s work fit the bill.

I’m fairly certain those are everyday toothpicks glued to the wall in an irregular pattern. She calls this Picsulated.

This work, Disparate Memories, might be my favorite. The “baskets” look to be rolled up material that’s then tied together to hold these forms. En masse they look very organic, like a growing set of barnacles inside the home.

Natural Pattern – I love feathers! The white with the cream, and the sort of weird curl really gets me in this piece. I also, as avid readers know, love a good piece of wall art.

I think this is papier mache – I’m not really sure. Her website is very beautiful but it doesn’t give much detail on scale or materials. Her background is in printmaking though so I think that most of these are paper based.

Little feathered pods! This remind me of the saran wrap pods made by Susie MacMurray.

From her prints…she has an amazing ability with textures and patterns. These could be cellular or they could be string beans, who knows!

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