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What’s not to love about microscopic, nature-inspired lasercut metal and wood veneer? That’s what I thought, nothing! I was so psyched to find the work of Kari Lindstrom – she’s a Brooklyn-based artist who makes incredible pieces showcases the crazy patterns that nature comes up with.


The above is called, Monocot Root, and is 18 inches x 18 inches. It looks just paper thin but I imagine it’s got  a little weight to it. I wonder if she hammers and shapes it after the laser cuts it. So delicate looking!


The above is the same item under a microscope I believe but with a fresh material – blackened ash veneer. I can’t imagine how these are really cut – this one’s 30 x 30 – I imagine there are flat laser cutters that large. The only I can’t tell is if they’re actual microscopic depictions or just creative interpretations of what it must look like?


The above looks like it’s on fire but it’s just sumi ink and gesso – it could be charcoal with that ethereal blurriness. It reminds me of a hot coil steaming.


I really like that the above looks like an abstract, ancient Union Jack. It’s small though, 10 x 10 inches.


More metal – this is a size I could get used to – 80 x 44 or so. It’s called, Root Apical Meristem – I just Google Image searched that and she is incredibly accurate.

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