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As I mentioned in my last post, we recently got back from our honeymoon in Japan. We went to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and loved every minute of it. It was unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been and everything from the architecture to the food to the beautiful trains even are missed now that we’re back in the US. That said, I discovered many amazing Japanese artists while I was away including Norie Hatakeyama who works out of Saitama.


Believe it or not but the above is made of plaited Japanese rice paper as part of Norie’s endless line series.


The above I love because it’s so organic in its form though it’s actually technically basketry. It’s made of crossed paper fiber strips and in the close up on the right you can see the woven nature of the piece. I just can’t get over the forms of the piece though – it’s looks like a drop castle or just an organic blob!


The above is the first piece by Norie that I saw. Again, the woven papers / organic material is so great and I love the nautilus shape that is used in this piece. I think I might like contemporary basketry more than I ever thought.


I found the pieces above and below on other site’s about Norie’s work. I’m not sure if they’re earlier or later. Norie was born in 1954. I’m guessing though that they’re later as they’re larger, more ornate and wilder!


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