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Ula Einstein I believe I came across on Pinterest – the photo below, which looked to me like burned toilet paper tubes caught my eye somewhere along the way. Upon investigation, Ula’s delicate textiles and works on paper are completely captivating. Many she calls, “drawings with fire.”


Some of them are pre-cut and others appear to be simply burned, or burned and then gone back into with thread. The patience (and routine) it must take to burn the papers with that regularity, without things getting out of control, is wild.


The below is hand cut rice paper. It’s long and likely could tear at a moment’s notice. What’s crazy to me is creating pieces that could simply disappear after all that labor – though so many perforated pieces, regardless of the material, fall into that category.


A close up of the above is below. I love how the cuts aren’t regular – it’s almost like cut out braille.


I love how the below looks sort of like a corset and sort of like a drain clogged with hair – can you see it? It also looks like the beginning of a felting project or a stitched wound. So many things you can see in these pieces made simply from thread and rice paper!


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